Costco Behind the Scenes


Mad Hat Creative is working in concert with Costco Wholesale to create, produce and edit a series of web and in-store promotional videos for Costco's Services Marketing, as well as its varied group of Member Services Providers. Mad Hat's team is uniquely qualified to provide just this service with the diverse skill sets of the core in-house group as writers, producers, directors, and editors and our deep pool of contract resources who are hand picked for each production to satisfy the creative demands of the project while keeping the budget in check.

Mad Hat Creative, Costco's marketing consultant and UI/UX provider plus the Costco Marketing team collaborated closely on conception and scripting to hone the messaging and keep the production requirements efficient. We were tasked to streamline the process from concept development through production and post production and provide quality and value "the Costco way." The inaugural production cultivated a total of eight spots to generate Costco Services customer awareness as well as highlight the benefits of three of its Member Services Providers. The Costco Services Marketing team was new to production on this scale so during the first round of production, Mad Hat Creative guided them through the process and encouraged them to engage and collaborate on set and in edit reviews for final decision making to ensure all goals were met.

The relationship with Mad Hat Creative and Costco Services Marketing is ongoing; as a result, care was taken during the first production to acquire content and create elements that could be re-purposed for future content needs. Green screens were used on in-store displays and personal devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers so graphics might be updated as messaging changes. An original music track was composed to give the spots a unique and identifiable resonance across the entire campaign now and in the future.

As the list of Costco Member Services Providers continues to grow and expand across many diverse categories, Mad Hat Creative and Costco Services Marketing are poised to scale and adapt to deliver targeted content to reach customers on a wide variety of platforms.

Without further ado...

Production Company: Mad Hat Creative
Producer: Dana Popoff
Director: Jonathan Hayes
Director of Photography: Misha Mazor
Editor: Tricia Carey
Visual Effects: Andrew McBride, Sean Brown