March 27, 2018

Mad Hat Teases Black Panther

Editor: Tricia Carey // Sound Design: Soundbyte

"Kickass film, kickass clients."

That's what our senior editor, Tricia Carey had to say about her experience editing the TNT trailer for Black Panther, which became the highest grossing superhero movie in the US this week! “The Turner creatives are such passionate, talented people," she adds. Mad Hat Creative is excited to have had the opportunity to be part of this unprecedented chart-topping phenomenon.

We would also like to give a shout out to our friends at Soundbyte, who composed this spot’s original rhythmic track and did the sound mix, making this spot an extra-special stand out.


Kadunks Alive

Director: Jonathan Hayes // Director of Photography: Misha Mazor // Editor: Jonathan Hayes // VFX: Misha Mazor, Andrew McBride

Back by demand — sour faces return to the big screen.

Last year's audiences relished at the delight of seeing people squirm at the intoxicating taste of Kadunks’ sweet gummies and sour goo. This year, for its second on-air campaign, the candy is back and gets up close and personal. Mad Hat Creative brought the creative to life from production to post, designing and executing the shots, animating the characters and delivering a spot with an attitude.

Dive behind the scenes to see "the origins of life"...


Ruffling Feathers with RaceTrac


What’s better than adults acting ridiculous in public? Adults acting ridiculous in giant bird costumes in public.

And of course, as you probably guessed, Mad Hat’s DP Misha Mazor and his team captured it all on camera. We soared through this shoot with RaceTrac to bring their Early Bird concepts to life, and we believe the results will really "ruffle your feathers." (sorry)


What we do in our free time...

Some families play board games for fun. Director Sean Brown's family, on the other hand, spends the weekends making films. Check out the commercial featuring some of Mad Hat's most popular kids – Sean's Addy and Tucker. This thirty seconds of joy in just a day but will be remembered for years.

Director: Sean Brown // Director of Photography: Misha Mazor

Mad Hat is Happy to Welcome...

Phyllis Photo

Client Services

Phyllis is a screenwriter and independent filmmaker who has produced two seasons of a SAG-AFTRA New Media web series and a handful of award-winning short films. Her experience in the indie film world has allowed her to participate in each phase of the production and post-production processes and has taught her to be a creative problem solver who thinks on her feet. Since starting at Mad Hat in November, Phyllis has played the part of script-writer, production coordinator, and assistant editor for many high-profile Mad Hat productions.

"Get out of my head, Eileen!"
Kristin Lukich

Production Coordinator

Just in the past couple of years, Kristin has produced over one-hundred film advertisements for clients all over the country, including a video for Atlanta's own Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which now plays at the airport's domestic and international gates. Kristin has hit the ground running with Mad Hat, and since starting just months ago, has coordinated nearly every Mad Hat production. While not on set, Kristin manages Mad Hat Creative’s social media presence and marketing.

"Where is the chocolate?"

Turnkey Production & Post
Mad Had specializes in turnkey production and post, delivering broadcast quality video from concept to completion or any point in between — all under one roof.

Our team members wear many hats and can meet your needs at any point in your production. We are your creative collaborators every step of the way — we can drive if needed or let you take the wheel.

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