October 2018

Mad Hat Produced-Spot Wins Platinum Award

Director and Editor: Jonathan Hayes // DP and Color Grading: Misha Mazor

We were thrilled to learn that this video J. Walter Thompson Atlanta selected us to produce for Georgia Commute Options received a Platinum MarCom Award in the Government Video category. MarCom is the leader in recognizing excellence in the distillation of ideas, messages, and media by marketing and communication professionals.

When asked about the cinematography and editing style of this video, the project’s director and editor, Mad Hat Creative’s own Jonathan Hayes said, "Although we really liked the messaging, the stylistic challenge was to make slow and mundane morning traffic look visually interesting and fast-paced. We wanted viewers to consider their own routines and search for ways they might change them for the better."


Coca-Cola, Delta, and Why We Love the Middle Seat

Director and Editor: Sean Brown // DP and Color Grading: Misha Mazor

Earlier this year Delta and Coca-Cola teamed up to reward middle seat passengers with an exclusive lounge experience at Boston Logan International Airport. We were tasked with documenting the fun by Fitzgerald & Co, so we flew up to Boston, and with an action-packed shoot, strategic crew and equipment, a couple of social media influencers, and precise editing and sound design, this video came together and proved that the middle seat might actually be the best seat in the house. 


Ryan Gosling is a First (Rate) Man

Director: Jonathan Hayes // Editor: Tricia Carey // Color Grading: Misha Mazor

Yes, you read that right. Mad Hat Creative director Jonathan Hayes worked with TNT, flying to the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida to interview Ryan Gosling who plays Neil Armstrong in the newly-released film, First Man. He also interviewed Claire Foy who plays Janet Armstrong and the film's director, Damien Chazelle. Tricia Carey, a Mad Hat Creative senior editor, did the edit, using key shots and sound clips from the film interspersed with Jonathan's behind-the-scenes interview to create an exciting and cohesive story.


Director and Editor: Sean Brown // DP and Color Grading: Misha Mazor

When we got the creative for the spots in this Shell campaign, the original plan was to shoot them all in one studio location. However, as the creative further developed, we realized that shooting on location would allow for much better production value for all three spots.

We rose to the challenge of fitting multiple locations into one day of production, all while staying in budget. How? A fast-paced shoot day with three nimble company moves. Since Mad Hat Creative's director Sean Brown was also editing these spots, he maintained creative accountability from start to finish.

During this project we even turned Mad Hat Creative's lobby into a Stranger Things-worthy 90s arcade of our own (and documented it, of course). Take a look:



It’s Been a WONDERful Summer

Editor: Jonathan Hayes // Director of Photography: Misha Mazor // Writer: Phyllis Jackson

We love food styling (and not just because we get the leftovers). Contracted by a Connecticut-based agency for this Wonder Bread shoot and edit, the challenge was to balance the docu-style shooting with the polish required in shooting for an iconic food brand. To evoke a sense of nostalgia, we used vintage lenses that allowed summer sunshine to leak into the shots. Click above to take a peek at our cut of this multi-spot campaign. The poem was written and voiced by our own copywriter, Phyllis Jackson.


In other news…

Mad Hat Spotlight

Get to know our DP, Colorist, and Co-Owner, Misha Mazor:

  • If you had to have one movie looping in the background for your whole life, what would it be? Speed (1994)

  • Most coveted superhero: Gambit from X-Men. He’s got laser vision.

  • Spirit animal: Lizard

  • Guilty pleasure: A lunch order of queso and the tofu broccoli quesadilla from Bell Street Burritos.

  • Outside of the office: Steam room at the Y, 6:15 AM.

  • What does the digital age look like 50 years from now? Like this:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 2.57.29 PM.png
Glad it’s cool to be a nerd now.
— Misha Mazor

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