Director: Sean Brown
June 5, 2018


I love this spot because it shows that it’s not just what you do but the WAY you do it that matters, and I think we can use one of these creative concepts to show that banking with UNIFY is the only way to bank.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 11.41.20 AM.png

We’d love to take the direction of showing “their way” vs “your way” from the POV of the main character. To make the POV style more personable and unique we would reveal the main character through a mirror using what I call the "Fake Mirror Technique." This way we are able to capture the comedic reactions of our main character and still remain in the POV style. 


The Fake Mirror Technique
Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 3.43.57 PM.png

Pulling off this effect correctly requires building a flat with a window that replicates the mirror. The main character stands behind the window and another actor/actress mimics the hand movement in the foreground. To make the effect even more dynamic we match the movement of our main character to movement of the camera.

Mad Hat Creative Production // Director: Sean Brown // Director of Photography: Misha Mazor

Amy Schumer

The key for this role will be finding an actress with a relatable quality and a huge personality who can make us laugh in every scene. She’ll have to bring the funny by showing the extreme contrast between the drab, boring “their way” of doing things and the exciting, liberating “your way” of doing things.

Director's Boards
(Direction 2 – POV – Our Favorite)

We love this POV lifestyle direction and think that showing
everything from our character’s point of view will make each situation more relatable and personal.

woman in mirror

Bathroom Mirror Part A: We’ll open with a shot of a woman getting dressed, looking at herself and feeling really good about her “chutzpa” and “panache.”


Bathroom Mirror Part B: At “You don’t settle for someone else’s way,” the scene will break into slow motion with a dramatic lighting change as the actress gives an epic hair flip.

Working Out

Exercise "Their Way": At the gym we’ll show a POV of our actress working out “your way.” She’ll be looking down at the control screen of the treadmill, slowly ticking up the pace methodically and indifferently.


Exercise "Your Way": We’ll then make a quick transition to show her working out “her way” in a high-energy aerobics class. We’ll see her again in the mirrored wall of the aerobics studio for her POV so we can really see her getting down.


Dining Out "Their Way": We’ll cut to the POV of our actress at the stuffy, expensive restaurant, tucking a napkin into her collar and looking down at her plate to see the disappointingly tiny gourmet portions.

Food truck guy

Dining Out "Your Way": She'll then look up from her plate and we’ll do a quick transition with a swish tilt to show her POV looking into a food truck as someone is handing her a delicious treat.


Banking "Their Way": Next she’ll be waiting in a long line at the bank, and we’ll show her POV of peeking around the person in front of her to see the line going on forever.

Banking "Your Way": We’ll see her pull her phone up into frame and then plop down comfortably onto her couch with the UNIFY app to do her banking her way.

Director's Boards
(Direction 1 – Shot in Studio)

We could very simply convey the studio concept by having different backgrounds zipping in and out like in this spot we created using a green screen.


Bathroom Mirror and Exercise: We’ll open again with the scene of our actress getting ready and playing around in the mirror and have the dramatic hair flip moment before a treadmill slides into frame in front of her, and we show her lifelessly trudging along on it. The treadmill slides offscreen as she spins off of it and directly into a Crossfit gym where she hulks out on one quick power move.


Dining Out: The fancy restaurant will slide in behind her, where she’ll tuck a napkin into her collar and look at her disappointingly miniscule meal. A waiter will walk by and whip off the table cloth, revealing a park bench where the actress is seated, eating with her friends with a food truck in the background.


Banking: The bank will slide in behind her with a long line, but then her phone will drop into her hand, and her living room will slide in behind her, showing her banking her way on the mobile app.

This spot would be so much fun to direct. It’s a great
set-up for quick visual gags and for a really talented actress to have some fun showing us how much more
fun life is when you do things “your way."
Thank you!