J. Walter Thompson / Shell Retail SEG
”It’s That Easy”


We get it. Sometimes things are so good you just have to dance. As you can see, we’ve worked on some videos that feature celebratory dances, so we’ve gotten pretty good at spotting just the right talent in the audition process. We’ve got a good eye for who’s going to be able to really let loose when the camera starts rolling and give us lots of funny options when we get into the edit.

Shell "The Pin", Shell "Touchdown", Shell "The Claw" // Mad Hat Creative Productions // Director: Sean Brown // Director of Photography: Misha Mazor

The funniest and most endearing moments in film are seldom scripted or planned. This Shell Retail SEG spot lends itself to embracing some ridiculous and fun improvisational dancing. Giving the actors room to imagine these scenarios spontaneously is what will make them seem real.

Here are two videos we directed that reflect this. These moments weren’t scripted – the actors fed off the energy and dialogue of the scene and the freedom promoted by the director, and the results speak for themselves.

Mad Hat Creative Production // Director: Sean Brown
Mad Hat Creative Production // Director: Sean Brown

We also just recently finished a very similar spot for Shell featuring their Fuel Rewards credit card. We had a great time working with the creative team and coming up with a simple, creative solution for the gold background and utilizing some of our visual effects experience to get the cleanest effect possible for their “Make It Rain” credit card concept. And as an added bonus, we have experience with exactly the type of lighting that is required for a set-up like this which our DP, Misha can manage with ease.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 12.53.12 PM.png





We’re big comedy fans here at Mad Hat, and we hope we get the chance to make people laugh at the pumps with this Shell Retail SEG spot. Thank you for considering Mad Hat Creative!